The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) launches in October 2017, and is co-funded by the Welsh Government and the ESRC, with additional investment from its host Cardiff University.

The WCPP replaces the earlier Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW), which had been established by the Welsh Government and ESRC in 2014 as an independent research institute and member of the UK What Works Network, also hosted by Cardiff University. The PPIW’s purpose was to provide Welsh policymakers with impartial research and analysis to inform evidence-based policy, with a work programme for the Welsh Government defined in direct consultation with their Board of Governors, Ministers and their advisors, to address their evidence needs.

The new WCPP aims to “build on the success of the Public Policy Institute for Wales and combine this with a broader approach that will involve working with public services and as part of the UK-wide What Works initiative, a network of seven centres which uses evidence to make better decisions that can improve public services.”