Videos about the Report

The Campaign has produced a series of videos about the report’s creation, and the views of its working group:

Video 1.
Members of the first working group meet to discuss the Campaign Pre-Election Report. Its author, David Walker, and the Campaign Chair, Professor James Wilsdon, talk about the report’s importance. Professor Pat Thane and Ziyad Marar share their views. See the video

david walker

Video 2.
Working group member Professor Sue Scott talks about the report. “The most important is that we get across the importance of scoial science overall,” she says. See the video

sue scott

Video 3.
Working group member Professor Neil Ward talks about the report. “The report is important for providing a single voice for all of the social sciences,” he says. See the video

Neil Ward

Video 4.
Dr Sarah Main, Director of the Campaign for Science and Engineering, says that: “It’s great that the Campaign for Social Science is doing this pre-election Report. In the build-up to the election politicians and official throughout government have a clamour of voices around them arguing for certain interests so all of us within the science community very broadly have to able to make a strong and coherent case to politicians and officials of the value of what we do.” See the video

sarah main






Video 5.
Professor Paul Boyle, Chair of the Report review group, says : “My view is that social science as a whole is performing exceptionally well in the UK and we should talk about the social sciences from a position of strength.” See the video

Paul Boyle






Video 6.
The launch of the report. See the video