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Newsfocus: Understanding the (Rio 2016) Olympics

With the Rio Olympics kicking off this Friday, Professor John Horne FAcSS, Professor of Sport Sociology at the University of Central Lancashire, and author of Understanding the Olympics, looks at the challenges facing the Olympic brand and discusses some of the underlying criticisms exposed by the 2016 edition. Read more …

UK social science will be dealt a serious blow by Brexit

In an article originally appearing in the Guardian, Ashley Lenihan and Sharon Witherspoon look at the long term implications of Brexit for UK social science. Read more …

Academy calls for detailed parliamentary scrutiny of Higher Education and Research Bill

The Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science have called for detailed parliamentary scrutiny of the Higher Education and Research Bill following the uncertainty resulting from the referendum decision to leave the European Union. Read more …

What do belief systems have to do with climate change?

The similarities between climate change and belief systems may be its strength because they help reinforce the idea of climate change, influence public opinion and trigger public action in just the same ways as belief systems gain popularity and mass support.
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The ‘issue from hell’

The major reason for why climate change is a wicked problem is that, even as far back as 1998, it was realised that it necessarily concerns human activities and not just physical or technological futures.Read more …


World University Rankings 2015-2016 by subject: social sciences results announced

View the full list of the world’s top 100 universities for social sciences The triumph of the US and the UK in the Times Higher Education subject ranking for social sciences sends a “powerful warning” to policymakers to “tinker” with… Read more »


The spending review is just the start of a battle for UK research

In an article originally appearing in The Guardian, Campaign Chair James Wilsdon, Campaign Head of Policy David Walker, and Kieron Flanagan, senior lecturer in science and technology policy at the University of Manchester, write about the future of UK research. Read more …

Social scientists represented among Queen’s Honours

Social scientists were well-represented among the Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015. Read more …

world leaders

Almost half of the world’s leaders have a social science degree

A study of the world’s leaders has found that almost half have a social science degree. The British Council, in partnership with Ipsos Public Affairs, conducted a study of the educational backgrounds of 1,700 people in 30 countries. Read more …

Jonathan Michie

Social scientists are as vital as engineers, argues Academy Fellow

Professor Jonathan Michie FAcSS, co-editor with Professor Sir Cary Cooper FAcSS, of Why the Social Sciences Matter, has written about the need for social science input into the the greatest challenges of our time, for the Guardian Higher Education Network.… Read more »

Matt Flinders

The latest social science podcasts

Catch up with the latest social science podcasts of talks at the British Library. These include one by Professor Matthew Flinders FAcSS, University of Sheffield, author of Defending Politics. He spoke on ‘The Problem with Democracy’ Read more …


Help to build a picture of UK research

Social scientists have the chance to contribute to a project which maps out UK science. The Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology is running a project is to build a picture of the whole research landscape in the UK and to develop a stronger evidence base. Read more …

Heather Joshi

Social scientists well-represented among New Year Honours

Social scientists were well-represented among the New Year Honours 2015. Read more …

book flyer

Key book on the importance of social science to be published

A major new work on the importance social science is to be released in the new year. Why the Social Sciences Matter, by Professor Jonathan Michie and Professor Sir Cary Cooper, is published by Palgrave.
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Stephen Anderson

Campaign welcomes Department for Education ‘evidence check’

The Campaign for Social Science welcomes the launch of an online forum which members of the public can use to evaluate evidence from the Department for Education. The initiative follows a request by the House of Commons Education Committee to… Read more »

Robert Dingwall image

News Focus: Sexual exploitation of young people in Rotherham

Alexis Jay’s report on the sexual exploitation of young people in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 has rightly attracted a good deal of media attention and public concern. However, it is far from clear that either the report’s author or the media framing of the story has got to the heart of the problem. Read more …

Dr Kate Cook

News Focus: ‘verbal abuse is not readily recognised as criminal offence’

The Campaign’s latest News Focus piece, by Dr Kate Cook, looks at the government consultation on whether to make non-violent domestic abuse a criminal offence. Read more …

Dr Louise Mallinder

News Focus: Israel and Gaza

The death toll in the conflict in the Gaza Strip has risen to over 1,000, as Israeli forces undertake military operations in response to Hamas rocket attacks.  As part of a series of News Focus articles, in which we draw… Read more »

Jane Elliott

Academy of Social Sciences welcomes appointment of new head of ESRC

The representative body of the social sciences in the UK has welcomed the appointment of Professor Jane Elliott as the new head of the Economic and Social Research Council. Read more …

Cary Cooper

Chair of the Academy knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to social science

The Chair of the Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Cary Cooper, has been knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list for services to social science Read more …

Professor Irene Hardill

The impact of impact

Professor Irene Hardill, of the University of Northumbria, and Professor Jon Bannister, Manchester Metropolitan University write about the pressure to demonstrate the impact of academic research Read more …

Lok Bhattarai

News Focus: Promoting human right is not just about formulating law – social science is needed for social change

Opinion piece: The Campaign site gives many examples of how social science has helped our society. In this article Dr Lok Bhattarai, of the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University, uses his expertise on Nepal to show… Read more »

Honours - image by Robert Prummel

Two Campaign supporters given awards

Two senior members of the Campaign were given awards in the New Year’s Honours List. Professor Tony Crook, the first Chair of the Campaign, was awarded a CBE. Ceridwen Roberts, a member of the Campaign Board, was given an OBE. Read more …

Campaign logo

Campaign concerned about new campaigning rules

The Campaign is one of dozens of non-profit organisations that have raised concerns about a new Parliamentary Bill on campaigning and are asking the Government to make the rules clearer and less restrictive Read more …

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln

Social Science Parks

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor of the University of Lincoln, writes about her vision of Social Science Parks, where business, professionals and academics come together Read more …

Stephen Anderson

Chief Social Scientist post is high on policy-makers agenda, says Campaign

The issue of the reinstatement of the post of Government Chief Social Scientist is much higher on the agenda of policy-makers now, the Campaign’s Director, Stephen Anderson, has said. Read more …

Michael Bassey

What works or what may work, and bets on whether it will

Opinion piece: by Michael Bassey AcSS, Emeritus Professor of Education of Nottingham Trent University: On 4th March the Cabinet Office issued this press release: LAUNCH OF THE WHAT WORKS CENTRES A new initiative will build on existing evidence-based policy making… Read more »

Professor Michael Harloe

Campaign will stop social science being undervalued, roadshow hears

Social scientists have felt undervalued and unappreciated, but the campaign organised on their behalf was changing that, a roadshow at London Metropolitan University on 20 February heard. Read more …

Reducing Risk report

Evidence informs, but only when it is understood

The Government Office for Science (GO Science) launched its eagerly awaited Foresight Report on Tuesday 27th November entitled “Reducing Risk for Future Disasters” looking towards shoring up communities – urban and rural – for scenarios anticipated up to 2040. Its… Read more »

Stephen Anderson

‘A government must have senior social scientists in senior roles’

The Director of the Campaign for Social Science, Stephen Anderson, has spoken out in favour of the restoration of the post of Government Chief Social Scientist. In a blog on the Nesta website, Mr Anderson says: “Without this role, no government can… Read more »

Stephen Anderson

From behaviour to benefit

We reproduce here an article written by Stephen Anderson, Director of the Campaign (from Public Service Review, European Union – Issue 23)  in which he urges the use of research to better inform public policy: It often seems to surprise us when… Read more »

Campaign logo

Social Science – a few more reasons why we need it

Introduction Professor Audrey Osler has written ten reasons why we need social science for the Campaign’s website – see previous entries. Here she adds six more: 1. Democracy and devolution. Audrey Osler’s tenth reason is to do with the capacity… Read more »

Campaign logo

10 reasons why we need social science

Professor Audrey Osler has written ten reasons why we need social science for the Campaign’s website: 10 reasons why you need social science We know that Britain’s social scientists are world leaders in their fields, but why do we need… Read more »

David Walker

How we can help build the case, by David Walker

Here David Walker, the Campaign’s Advisor, writes about building a case for social science: ‘Society, socialism sociology…Public money could not be spent to support such error.’ That was view of the Tory minister Sir Keith Joseph in the early 1980s,… Read more »

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Springing into social action by Audrey Osler

When given the proper level of recognition, social science can change people’s lives for the better, declares Audrey Osler, Professor of Education at the University of Leeds, in an opinion piece for the Campaign’s website: Why, when we have such… Read more »

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