Responding to COVID-19: Social capital and the social sector in the 21st century

By Andy Haldane FAcSS (Chief Economist and Executive Director, Monetary Analysis and Statistics, Bank of England) “There’s no such thing as society”.  So said Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1987, in a famous interview for Women’s Own magazine.  She went on, “people must look after themselves first” and then, and only then, their neighbours.… Read more »

The COVID-19 crisis and educational inequality

By Professor Anna Vignoles (Professor of Education, University of Cambridge) and Professor Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics, University of Bristol) Younger generations will pay a heavy price for our response to this virus. First, their educational opportunities and attainment are being affected by lockdown, variable home-learning facilities, and changing assessment methods. Second, leaving school in… Read more »

Managing the impacts of COVID-19: The role of behavioural and social sciences

By Professor Susan Michie FAcSS FMedSci (Director of UCL Centre for Behaviour Change) and Michael Sanders (Reader in Public Policy at KCL Policy Institute and Chief Executive, What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care) The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged much of the world, leading to quarantines, lockdowns, and the unprecedentedly vast state intervention in the… Read more »

Economics and epidemiology in the time of COVID-19

By Jonathan Portes (Professor of Economics and Public Policy, Kings College University London) “Assume a can-opener”.  The old joke about the economist on a desert island (look it up!) sums up one view of economists, and by extension other social scientists – their theories may be interesting, but they aren’t of much use in a… Read more »

Bringing together the social science response to COVID-19

By Professor Bobby Duffy (Chair, Campaign for Social Science) and Dr Rita Gardner CBE FAcSS (Chief Executive, Academy of Social Sciences) The Campaign for Social Science has a core mission to demonstrate the vital role that social sciences play in improving decision-making, societies and lives. It’s a mission we passionately believe in, and a role… Read more »

Social sciences and social imagination

By Professor Geoff Mulgan CBE (Professor of Collective Intelligence, Public Policy and Social Innovation, UCL) Crises – whether wars or pandemics – can sometimes, though not always, fuel social imagination.  New arrangements have to be created at breakneck speed and old norms have to be discarded.  The deeper the crisis the more likely it is… Read more »