Campaign Updates

Major Campaign report on social science takes important step forward

The major Campaign report on the social sciences has taken an important step forward with the second meeting of the working group which is guiding its production.

Leading social scientists meet to plan out major new Campaign report

Leading social science academics and practitioners have met as a working group to plan out a major new Campaign report on the social sciences, to be released ahead of the general election

Campaign issues latest newsletter

The Campaign has issued our Spring 2014 newsletter, with details of our authoritative report on how social science can help tackle the challenges facing our society, and an event to celebrate our first three years

Expert roundtables discuss key issues around social sciences and health

Over the course of the Health of People project the Campaign brought together high-level stakeholders to discuss key issues around research, evidence and health. Introduction The Campaign for Social Science project ‘The Health of People’ aims to bring about a step change in the use of social sciences for population health. It is led by… Read more »

Campaign publishes annual report for 2013

The Campaign has published its annual report for 2013, with details of all our activities during the year. In his report, our Chair, Professor James Wilsdon, says: “In the past twelve months, it has gone from strength to strength.”

The Campaign issues latest newsletter

The Campaign has issued our latest newsletter. This issue has details of a promise by the Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, Liam Byrne MP, to “restore the dignity of social science” within government, made at our Board meeting.

Campaign appeals for life stories

The Campaign for Social Science is looking for people who can talk about how social science has helped them in their lives or careers. These interviews will be added to our website, as evidence of the positive influence social science has on our society.

Campaign launches events promotion service

The Campaign for Social Science is offering a new free service in which we will publicise public events with a social science theme on our website. Organisers can let us know about their events and we will put them on our events page.

Campaign publishes booklet on mental wellbeing

The Campaign is publishing the latest in its booklet series, ‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences’ today, on the theme of mental wellbeing. The booklet will be launched by the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, Andy Burnham MP

Campaign asks UK social scientists for support

The Campaign for Social Science is contacting social scientists in UK universities to ask them for support. The Campaign Chair, Professor James Wilsdon, says “the more that social scientists engage in our activities, the stronger our voice becomes.”

Campaign publishes latest newsletter

The Campaign has published it latest newsletter, with details of David Willetts’ recent speech at our annual lecture, and our report on social science graduate employment rates, as well as other information about our work.

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Campaign publishes Times letter

The Campaign has had a letter published in The Times debunking the myth of a job crisis among social science graduates.

Facebook page is launched

The Campaign has launched an official Facebook page as part of its remit to make contact with as many social science supporters as possible.

Campaign launches video series

The Campaign has launched a series of videos that show the importance of social science both for individual lives and for our society as a whole.

Professor James Wilsdon appointed as new Chair of the Campaign for Social Science

The Campaign for Social Science has appointed Professor James Wilsdon, an expert in science policy, to be its new Chair from 1 September 2013.

Campaign publishes latest newsletter

The Campaign has issued our latest newsletter. The Summer 2013 edition covers our Making the Case event, the start of our work with schools, and our latest supporters. The newsletters are published four times a year and have the latest news about our work

Campaign begins work in schools

The Campaign is expanding its work by beginning promoting the social sciences to schools. A Campaign staff member will talk about career prospects for social science graduates to students from two leading north London schools on June 18.

Campaign researches graduate destinations

The Campaign would like to speak to male social science graduates working in the Third Sector

The Making of the Health of People

The Health of People report was led by an interdisciplinary working group of experts: Susan Michie FAcSS(Chair), Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Centre for Behaviour Change, University College London Gwyn Bevan, Professor of Policy Analysis and Director of the MSc in Public Management and Governance, London School of Economics and Political Science… Read more »

Campaign issues latest newsletter

The Campaign has issued its latest newsletter. The spring 2013 edition covers issues including the latest roadshow, the latest Making the Case booklet, an introduction to our new staff member, our new communications strategy, changes to our Board, and our latest supporters.

Chief Social Scientist post is high on policy-makers agenda, says Campaign

The issue of the reinstatement of the post of Government Chief Social Scientist is much higher on the agenda of policy-makers now, the Campaign’s Director, Stephen Anderson, has said.

Campaign will stop social science being undervalued, roadshow hears

Social scientists have felt undervalued and unappreciated, but the campaign organised on their behalf was changing that, a roadshow at London Metropolitan University on 20 February heard.

The Campaign for Social Science

The Campaign for Social Science aims to raise the profile of social science in the public, media and Parliament. On this site you can learn more about our aims.

Campaign issues latest newsletter

The Campaign has issued its latest newsletter. The December 2012 edition has details of its latest Making the Case booklet, its work to help American academies set up a similar organisation in the US, and its latest supporters. The newsletter will be issued bi-monthly in 2013, with the next edition coming out in February.

Campaign for Social Science reaches £50,000 milestone

The newly-created Campaign for Social Science has just reached its first fundraising milestone of £50,000. This is a significant step towards the Campaign’s target of raising £300,000 over the next five years. The Campaign, launched in January 2011 at the House of Lords, was established to address concerns about the lack of awareness amongst politicians and the… Read more »