Three Regional Roadshows set the ball rolling

4 February 2011

Sir Howard Newby addresses the Newcastle event

Sixty-five social scientists attended the NE regional roadshow at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle on 3rd February, where Sir Howard Newby AcSS, the President of the Academy, and Stephen Anderson its Executive Director, discussed the Campaign and Appeal. During the event hosted by the Dean of Social Sciences, Professor Lynn Dobbs. Lively questioning revealed strong support for the Campaign and great concern amongst the social science community for the future of their own disciplines and social science as a whole.

February 8th saw a similar, more intimate, but no less passionate, coming together of the social science community in the NW of England at the University of Liverpool. The Yorkshire and Humberside roadshow was held the following day in the Interdisciplinary Centre of the Social Sciences at the University of Sheffield. It was hosted by the Pro Vice Chancellor for the Social Sciences at the University, Professor Tony Payne AcSS, who talked in his introduction about the concerns he and the Vice Chancellor shared for the feelings of all social scientists when hearing that their disciplines were not ‘strategic’. In the discussion that ensued after Professors Cary Cooper AcSS, Chair of the Academy, and Tony Crook AcSS, Chair of the Campaign, had also introduced the Campaign many contributors made the point that social science was critically strategic to the country. They illustrated this with plenty of examples of the importance of the various disciplines to many aspects of life that are critical to the UK’s economy and society, as well as its political and civic life.

More photographs from the roadshows are available in the Roadshow Gallery.