Key book on the importance of social science to be published

28 November 2014

book flyer

A major new work on the importance of social science is to be released in the new year. Why the Social Sciences Matter, edited by Professor Jonathan Michie and Professor Sir Cary Cooper, is published by Palgrave, with the support of the Academy for Social Sciences.

In this volume, Professor Michie, of the University of Oxford, and Professor Cooper, Chair of the Academy, emphasise the indispensability of the social sciences in improving our understanding of the world today. They show how social science provides an illuminating look at topics of concern to everyone at the beginning of the 21st century. In the book leading social scientists tackle complex questions such as immigration, unemployment, climate change, war, and an ageing population.

The book has been praised by social scientists, including Professor David Inglis, University of Exeter, who said: “Humanity today needs high-quality social science more than ever — this book brilliantly shows why and how this is so.”

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