Articles about the Campaign in the media

25 February 2015


The Campaign features regularly in the news media. Recent items include:

Social science is vital too
The Guardian 25 February 2015
Following the publication of our report on The Business of People, James Wilsdon and David Walker set out the case that the social sciences will be making through the election and spending review.

Failing soccer club managers three times more likely to be sacked than in 1950s
The Sunday Telegraph 17 August 2014
The first detailed statistical analysis of sackings of manager of clubs in the four professional English soccer leagues

The ability of celebrity and advocacy to reach people is limited
The Independent 8 August 2014
The good causes of the famous ‘benefit themselves more than the charities

Mental health and social science explored in new booklet
The Times Higher Education 30 November 2013
A new booklet has been launched on the role of social science in promoting “mental wellbeing”.

Why robbers come out after dark – but don’t like the cold
The Daily Telegraph 5 November 2013
Study of crime patterns suggests that while muggers like to work under cover of darkness cold and rain put them off

Willetts hopes funding adds up to improved numeracy
Times Higher 29 October 2013
David Willetts has announced funding to address a “serious shortage of graduates with sufficient numeracy skills”.

Social science graduate ‘have best job prospects’
The BBC 28 October 2013
Students with an eye on their job prospects should take social science degrees, research suggests.

Social science graduates ‘more likely to get a job’ than science or arts students
The Independent 28 October 2013
The old joke about humanities graduates working in McDonald’s has little basis in fact. Research has turned that old gag on its head: social science students are actually more likely to be in a job after leaving university than science or arts graduates.

Children’s education not affected by mothers who go back to work
Daily Telegraph 11 June 2013
There is no link between children’s academic performance and mothers who go out to work in the first years of their lives, according to new research.

Working mothers urged to drop guilt as study finds kids do fine
– New York Daily,
11 June 2013
Children of career moms do just as well in school as kids of stay-at-home moms, research proves. This is thanks to better childcare and maternity leave, one expert says.

Children whose mothers go out to work do not suffer academically
– The Independent,
10 June 2013
Children’s academic performance is not harmed if their mothers work during the first years of their lives, comprehensive research seen by The Independent shows.

Surprising that there is no senor social scientist in government
– Wiley Blackwell,
21 December 2012
To write the best policies for reducing crime, ensuring social cohesion, running our cities, and protecting our countryside, a government must be fully informed about the issues, so it is surprising that there is no senior social scientific advisor within the UK government who can pull together all the relevant research at the highest level for ministers, says Tony Trueman, Campaign Media Officer.

Government needs a senior social scientist
– Alliance for Useful Evidence blog,
9 October, 2012
Imagine the outcry there would be if the government announced that it was going to scrap the post of Chief Scientific Advisor – but add the word “social” before “scientific” and you’ll get the point we’d like to make about the absence of senior social scientists in government at the moment, says Stephen Anderson, the Campaign Director.

The state is all ears
– Times Higher Education,
5 July 2012
In the experience of the Campaign for Social Science the government in all its guises is getting better at calling on the expertise of researchers, says Stephen Anderson, Campaign Director.

Lords science committee – Social club
– Times Higher Education,
31 May 2012
In this article, the Campaign urges the government to follow advice from peers and restore the post of chief social scientific adviser. The Campaign made the case last year for bringing back the role – removed in 2010 – to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

The Case for a Chief Social Scientist
– The Guardian,
19 March, 2012
Only a senior social scientist, trained in research methods and in touch with the profession, can bring together policy decisions and actions, says Stephen Anderson, the Campaign Director.

What caused England’s riots? 
– The Guardian,
12 October 2011
The Campaign for Social Science is holding a conference to reflect on the causes of the riots over the summer, and to suggest ways forward.