Major Campaign report on social science takes important step forward

1 July 2014

Second Working Group

The major Campaign report on the social sciences has taken an important step forward with the second meeting of the working group which is guiding its production.

The group met on 26 June to plan the structure and content of the report, which will be released ahead of the 2015 general election and will spell out social science’s vital contribution to meeting the challenges facing our society. See video

The meeting heard presentations from leading social scientists, including Dan Corry, a former head of the Number 10 Policy Unit, and John Hills, Professor of Social Policy at the London School of Economics.

They spoke about the complex role social scientists have in understanding issues such as improving productivity and ensuring a fair distribution of wealth. They explored examples of where social science has made an impact on policy, such as the creation of the welfare state, comprehensive education, the minimum wage, gay rights and the smoking ban.

The group has decided the report will have two main sections, the first dealing with how important social science is for understanding our world, and the second with the funding and organisational set-up that it needs to fully realise this understanding.

The report will be around 10,000 words and will tackle areas such as economic production, demographic change and migration. It will have case-studies and concrete recommendations intended to appeal to MPs, other policy-makers, business, the media, higher education, the NHS, consultancies and civil society groups.

The working group members come from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and regions. They are joined by David Walker, the Campaign’s Head of Policy, and Roses Leech-Wilkinson, our Research and Policy Officer, who will draft the text over the coming months. A review group for the report is chaired by Professor Paul Boyle, current Chief Executive of the Economic and Social Research Council.

The next meeting of the working group will be in September.

Details of the last meeting and the working group’s members
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Working Group 2 collage

Working Group 2 collage