Health of People project makes progress

12 July 2016

The Health of People Working Group held its third meeting at the end of June to further develop the Campaign for Social Science’s flagship project, which will demonstrate how social science research and expertise can address some of the major problems facing UK health.

In the meeting, the group discussed the report’s analytical structure, evidence selection and presentation, as well as further defining some of its key audiences and messaging.

Following the successful Call for Evidence issued earlier in the year, which generated over a hundred responses, the group will now work to produce a selection of case studies demonstrating social sciences’ impactful contribution to health, and further potential for social science use.

The Group also further developed the content and design of a series of roundtable discussions that will be held in the autumn, aimed at selected policy-makers and strategic practitioners. The discussions will give further insights into stakeholders’ needs and perceptions, and subsequently inform the report recommendations. The events will draw together attendees from a range of sectors, such as the Department of Health, the NHS, PHE, charities, local government and academia.

Chaired by Susan Michie, Professor of Health Psychology at University College London, the Working Group brings together expertise across a broad range of academic disciplines in the social and behavioural sciences relevant to health. The group is also joined by Sharon Witherspoon, the Campaign’s Head of Policy, who will draft the report, due to launch in early 2017.