CfSS welcomes Lords Recommendation on Chief Social Scientist

1 March 2012

Cary Cooper

The Campaign for Social Science has welcomed the House of Lords Recommendation for the Appointment of Chief Social Scientist

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee published its report into the Role of Departmental Science Advisers on the 29th February 2012 The Committee acknowledged the validity of the written evidence from the Academy and argued for the central role of an informed social science viewpoint in policy making.

Professor Cary Cooper, Chair of the Academy of Social Sciences stated “I am delighted to see that social science is being taken seriously at the heart of government and I hope that this recommendation will be acted upon swiftly.”

The Campaign welcomes the Government’s positive, albeit tentative, response to the Academy of Social Sciences recent recommendation in the report on behaviour change that they should appoint a Chief Social Science Adviser. Given the all-pervasive importance of social science advice to policy making in all departments, we remain of the view that the Government should appoint a Chief Social Scientist, reporting to the GCSA, to ensure the provision of robust and independent social scientific advice, at the earliest opportunity.