Campaign welcomes Department for Education ‘evidence check’

22 November 2014

The Campaign for Social Science welcomes the launch of an online forum which members of the public can use to evaluate evidence from the Department for Education.

The initiative follows a request by the House of Commons Education Committee to the Department for its policy and evidence on each of nine topics. Anyone is welcome to give their views on the strength of the evidence, and to put forward fresh evidence.

Topics covered: phonics, teaching assistants, professional measurement metrics, national college of teaching and leadership, summer born children, universal infant free school meals impact of raising the participant age, music education, school starting age.

The forum also invites comment on the Department’s use and analysis of evidence overall.

“This is a welcome opportunity for social scientists and others who are experts in one or more topics covered to scrutinise and contribute to the use and analysis of evidence in government policymaking,” said Campaign Director Stephen Anderson.

“We encourage researchers and practitioners to take part, and the Education Committee to monitor critically the extent and manner in which the Department acts on expertise captured. At best it could serve as a valuable precedent to other policy areas and departments.”