Campaign publishes Spring 2015 newsletter

1 June 2015

Campaign Newsletter Spring 2015

The Campaign has published its Spring 2015 newsletter. This carries details of its series of roadshows, which are organised to promote its Business of People report and its work more generally, as well as providing a forum for discussing social science. The newsletter also has details of its annual report and News Focus section, as well as the latest addition to its donors. See a pdf of the newsletter.

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Roadshow series takes Campaign’s report out to the UK
A series of roadshows run by the Campaign has promoted its Business of People report to social scientists around the country. The Campaign has run 16 events at universities, with six more to follow in the next few weeks.

‘Our MPs need social science’
Members of Parliament need social science research to give their work a solid basis, the Green Party MP Caroline Lucas told a Campaign roadshow.

Annual report shows our work
The Campaign has published its annual report for 2014 and early 2015, with details of all its recent activities to promote social science to the government and the public.

Our News Focus section
The annual report stresses that promoting the informed views of social scientists is an important part of the Campaign’s work. the News Focus section carries the views of researchers on current events.

Minister invited to hear views
The Campaign is continuing its work to tell policy-makers about the importance of social science. It has invited the new Conservative Minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson MP, to a meeting to talk about social science and government.

New donor joins Campaign
The Campaign has been joined by another university, bringing the number of its supporting organisations to 81. The latest to donate is Royal Holloway University of London, which pledged funding over the next five years. The University of Bristol has renewed its funding, also over five years.