Campaign issues appeal for help

1 November 2012

Oct12 Newsletter

The Campaign for Social Science is planning to expand its work, and is asking for the help of academics, learned societies, universities, publishers and everyone else concerned with the future of social science.

We are appealing for anyone who hasn’t yet joined us to come on board to help us make the crucial contribution of social science clear to policy-makers and the public in 2013.

There are a number of ways that we are asking people to help us:

  • If you are a researcher, you can add your name to our list of experts offering comment to the media, which is now on our website.
  • We urge publishers, universities and learned societies to join us – we now have 60 institutions supporting us, but we need more to mount the most effective campaign possible.
  •  We are compiling a series of video clips of people outside of academia whose lives have been changed for the better by social science. If you have any suggestions for interviewees (who may be in the public eye or otherwise) please let us know.
  • We are asking researchers to write ‘think pieces’ for our new website on the value and importance of social science.
  • Tell us about how social science has had an impact on policy-making.
  • All supporters can donate to the Campaign using our website.

This appeal comes at a time when the Campaign is moving to a higher gear. We have taken on two new members of staff: Tony Trueman as Press Officer and Roses Leech-Wilkinson as an Administrator.

The Campaign has also organised roadshows at various universities throughout 2012, and a seminar on the art of political influencing.

We continue to produce our Making the Case booklets on social science research which has had a significant impact on society or policy, with publications on mental wellbeing, public health and Scotland in production.

For more details of our appeal, please see our October 2012 newsletter.