Attitudes to evidence among the UK public and politicians

10 December 2019

The latest report from Ipsos MORI, explores the differing views of Whitehall politicians and perceptions of the public on the use of evidence by MPs to inform government decisions on policy. Kelly Beaver, Managing Director of Ipsos Mori public affairs and author of the report is also a board member of the Campaign for Social Science.

The research finds that MPs are far more likely than the public to think they should use their personal experiences and principles to make decisions – 47% of MPs say that their own principles should be one of the most important factors in making decisions, while 8% of the public think this should be the case. Likewise, 26% of MPs believed that their own experiences should be one of the most important influences on their decision-making, while 6% of the public thought this.

Read the complete report on the Ipsos Mori website.