Academy and Campaign welcome UKRI board

28 September 2017

The Academy of Social Sciences and its Campaign for Social Science have today welcomed the announcement of the 12 non-executive members of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Roger Goodman FAcSS, Chair of the Academy, said:

“The strength of the UKRI board announced today rests on its diversity and balance, and is a welcome sign that the future of UK research will rely on collaboration across all fields.

“We are especially pleased to see a positive showing from the social sciences, including the Rt Hon Lord David Willetts FAcSS and Sir Ian Diamond FAcSS, both Academy Fellows, and Professor Julia Black.”

The Campaign’s incoming chair, Shamit Saggar FAcSS, added:

“The breadth of representation on the UKRI board from academia, science and business speaks to the growing importance of cross-sector cooperation in responding to many of the grand challenges we face as a society.

“We have been encouraged by Sir Mark’s earlier calls for the involvement of all types of research in addressing many of these questions, whether improving population health, boosting economic productivity, or tackling climate change. Success requires a robust research base, and in all this and more the social sciences are pivotal. We look forward to working with UKRI and continuing to play our part.”