Academy and Campaign respond to BIS Higher Education Green Paper

15 January 2016

The Academy and its Campaign have submitted their response to the BIS consultation on higher education: teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice.

In their response, the Academy and its Campaign:

  • support proposals for improved participation from students from disadvantaged and BME backgrounds but note the social science evidence points to the importance of home background (and policies affecting household income and employment) in determining access to future jobs and income.
  • support the main thrust of the Nurse recommendations, including the establishment of RUK, and recommend RUK responsibility for dual support be separated from its research council functions and written into a robust legal framework.
  • recommend (re)creating a government chief social scientist.
  • note that social scientists have made good use of knowledge exchange programmes to maximize the impact of their work and recommend they continue.
  • recommend an incremental approach to reforming the REF.

    Read the full response here.