How has your social science degree helped you at work?

Five recent graduates in social science subjects talk about how their degree has helped them at work. The five are case studies in the Campaign’s recent report on graduate employment

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“I would not be able to do this job without the skills and knowledge I gained from my degrees[:] […] hands-on skills such as statistical analyses and literature review skills, but also softer skills such as clear communication, problem solving and decision making.”
– Elinor Owe, Social Psychology graduate (2008, 2009, 2013)

“[T]he most important benefit from my degrees is the confidence I gained – confidence that I am able to tackle complex issues and find out information even if I don’t know the answers straight away.”
– Elinor Owe

“I really think that the relevance of my degree, the skills and knowledge I acquired […] (especially the research methods and statistics modules), and the additional skills and experience gained on my professional placement year helped me to stand out as a suitable candidate for the role.”
– Elisabeth Brickell, BSc Sociology (2007)

“I was definitely in a strong position compared to other graduates with non-social science degrees, as a lot of the concepts were things I had already come across in my degree.” – Elisabeth Brickell

“Studying economics gave me a helpful insight into financial markets and the banking industry. I gained a lot of valuable knowledge and important tools which have helped me to pick things up more quickly at work.”
– Gosia Slominski, BSc Economics with German (2012)

“[T]he most important skills I picked up were the analytical skills, because these are more difficult to develop.”
– Gosia Slominski

“There is no doubt that my social science degree (Law) has helped me in my current role; the analytical and communication skills have helped me carry out the advocacy and scrutiny aspects […]. The persuasion skills and specific skills relating to drafting of and understanding legislation have also been particularly helpful.”
– Michael Payne, LLB Law (2008)

“Creating solid arguments was a foundation of my degree. Being able to research, write and deliver compelling arguments […] has been essential to my current role.”
– Tom Holder, BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics (2007)

Photos: clockwise from top left – Elinor Owe, Tom Holder, Michael Payne, Gosia Slominksi, Elizabeth Brickell

Report collage

Report collage