Graduates Report – Occupations


Among those in employment, 7 in 10 social scientists are in ‘professional’ or ‘associate professional and technical’ occupations within 3.5 years of graduating. (Occupations are classified according to a version of the Standard Occupational Classification known as SOC2010 DLHE: click on the link to download the list.)

This includes researchers (among them such as Elisabeth Brickell, a sociology graduate working for GfK National Opinion Polling), teachers (such as Tom Holder, an Oxford graduate who joined Teach First), accountants, business analysts, recruitment and management consultants, legal professionals, town planners, social and community workers and insurance brokers, among many others. Elinor’s case study  Tom’s case study

A greater proportion of social scientists are already ‘managers, directors and senior officials’ than graduates of any other subject group, 3.5 years after graduating from their first degrees: this accounts for 7.6% of employed social science graduates, compared with 3.6% of graduates in STEM and 6.2% in arts-humanities. ‘Business and administrative studies’ graduates are especially highly represented, followed by ‘architecture, building and planning’, and social studies graduates. Information on the categorisation of subjects

See the chart below for the occupations of social science graduates after 3.5 years.

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Graduates report - occupations

Graduates report – occupations