The Business of People Report has received significant coverage in the media:

Guardian blog piece
Following the publication of a new report on The Business of People, James Wilsdon and David Walker set out the case that the social sciences will be making through the election and spending review.

LSE impact blog
To improve advice to ministers in the next Parliament, the Campaign for Social Science has been making a strong case for bolstering academic advice in each Government department.

UK growth and prosperity will falter without a better grasp of human behaviour and public attitudes, especially in the service sector of the economy.

Times Higher
Funding for science and innovation should increase by at least 10 per cent in real terms over the next Parliament, according to the Campaign for Social Science

SAGE, a leading independent academic publisher, and strong advocate for the social sciences, today published a major new report, written by the Campaign for Social Sciences (CfSS) highlighting the value of social sciences to the UK economy and society.

Times Higher
How should academics developing a social sciences career seek to make an “impact” on policymaking? And in what areas should they be researching?

Research Fortnight (log-in may be needed)
The Campaign for Social Science published a report on 24 February calling on policymakers and the next government to give more support to the field.

LSE impact blog
David Walker introduces a new report from the Campaign for Social Science which argues that 2015 is the time for social science to fly its flag from the mast of growth and productivity improvement.