Some of the main achievements of the Campaign so far:

1. Influencing public policy:

The Campaign is frequently invited to respond to Government and other consultations on policies which will impact the social science community, or where social science can shed light on the issues at hand. We are frequently asked to follow up that advice with appearances at Select Committees and we provide private briefings and other meetings for MPs, peers and senior officials.

2. Building relations with Government:

The Campaign is a trusted source of expertise and advice, receiving requests from various government bodies and departments, including Her Majesty’s Treasury, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and the Government Office for Science. We are quickly able to draw on the expertise of the Academy of Social Sciences’ Fellows and member Learned Societies for detailed briefings on fast moving issues, for example the recent Brexit and Higher Education and Research Bill debates.

3. Getting our message out:

The Campaign’s work regularly features in the Guardian, Nature, Times Higher Education, Science, the Independent, Research Fortnight and other national and international media outlets. The Campaign dedicates part of its website to showing the range and power of social science enquiry within the UK. This includes our blog highlighting current issues alongside important research findings and ideas, and our ‘social science in the news’ section which highlights social science’s impact on the national conversation. Our Twitter and Facebook feeds promote social science to a wide audience.

4. Evidence gathering and advocacy:

The Campaign has published, with the Academy of Social Sciences, the Making the Case for the Social Sciences series. These booklets showcase and celebrate excellent social science research that has influenced policy or practice. The series so far includes: Wellbeing, Ageing, Sustainability, the Environment and Climate Change, Crime, Sport and Leisure, Management, Scotland, Longitudinal studies, Mental Wellbeing, Wales, Dementia and Education. In 2015 the Campaign published its report, The Business Of People: The Significance of Social Science Over The Next Decade, and in 2017 launched its follow up report The Health of People: How the Social Sciences Can Improve Population Health.

5. Bringing people together:

The Campaign regularly organises events to further its aims, bringing together expert speakers from across the public, private and third sectors. Sir Malcolm Grant, Chair of NHS England, and Halima Khan of Nesta HealthLab spoke at the April 2017 launch of The Health of People, following on from the Business of People launch at which Rt Hon Greg Clark MP spoke.
Over the six years of the Campaign we have held events on topics such as the Art of Political Influencing, the riots of 2011, implications of Brexit for social science and many more. We also hold an Annual Lecture in Whitehall, in partnership with SAGE Publishing. Previous lecturers have been Professor Beth Noveck, Sharon Witherspoon MBE FAcSS, Professor Craig Calhoun FAcSS and Rt Hon David Willetts MP FAcSS. We have held a series of University roadshows on the future of social science.

6. Monitoring:

The Campaign monitors the situation within social science as it is now and as it changes. We are currently working on a project to assess the pipeline of skills for future social science students and graduates, and another looking at how science advice influences the Welsh Assembly.

See our annual reports for more information about our work.