The Campaign for Social Science was launched to raise the profile of social science in the public, media and Parliament

Our activities include lobbying government, organising events, promoting social sciences in the media and monitoring the health of academia in the UK.

Professor James Wilsdon and David Walker in discussion

Pre-election report reaching completion

With just a month until we submit our pre-election report for publication, ‘The Business of People: The significance of UK social science over the next decade’ has entered a critical phase Read more …

Craig Calhoun lecture2

‘Glass half-full’ for social science, Campaign Annual Lecture hears

LSE Director Craig Calhoun told the Campaign for Social Science’s 2014 Annual Lecture that the ‘glass was half full’ for social science in the UK, as it had great influence on our society but also faced important challenges. Read more …

Big Ben

Have your say – online database of government consultations launched

The Campaign for Social Science has launched an online ‘Policy Monitor’ searchable index of official consultations on a wide range of issues of importance to our society. Read more …

  • Interview with Professor Craig Calhoun

An interview with Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of the LSE