The Campaign for Social Science was launched to raise the profile of social science in the public, media and Parliament

Our activities include lobbying government, organising events, promoting social sciences in the media and monitoring the health of academia in the UK.

Eric Thomas2

The social sciences have a fundamental unity, Campaign roadshow hears

The Campaign’s Business of People report was written with the forthcoming general election and government spending review in mind, its main author, David Walker, said at a Bristol roadshow yesterday. Read more …

Greg Clark

The Campaign publishes media about Business of People Report

The Campaign has published a range of media about the Business of People Report, including a report on a speech by Greg Clark MP, Minister for Universities, Science and Cities, at its launch. Read more …

James Wilsdon

Social scientists urge 10 per cent uplift in budget for science and innovation

The £4.7 billion annual budget for science and innovation should increase by at least 10 per cent in real terms over the next parliament, the Campaign for Social Science says in a report on the prospects for social science. Read more …

Almost four out of ten teachers are no longer in the classroom a year after qualifying: #socialscience

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  • Campaign report takes important step forward: we hear from Professor Sue Scott

Members of its working group talk about the Business of People Report