The Campaign for Social Science was launched to raise the profile of social science in the public, media and Parliament

Our activities include lobbying government, organising events, promoting social sciences in the media and monitoring the health of academia in the UK.

Felicity Matthews

News Focus: Adopting Carswell could be a high-risk strategy for Ukip

Some of the media seem to assume that it is inevitable that Douglas Carswell will become the Ukip candidate in the forthcoming by-election, and that he will do well. But is it that simple? Read more …

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News Focus: Sexual exploitation of young people in Rotherham

Alexis Jay’s report on the sexual exploitation of young people in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013 has rightly attracted a good deal of media attention and public concern. However, it is far from clear that either the report’s author or the media framing of the story has got to the heart of the problem. Read more …

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Campaign seeks Fundraiser

The Academy of Social Sciences’ Campaign for Social Science is looking for an experienced Fundraiser to manage and develop all aspects of the Campaign’s relationships with higher education institutions (HEIs), learned societies, publishers, foundations and individuals. Read more …

Newly-launched Election Forecast UK predicts another hung parliament with Conservatives largest party

About 8 hours ago from CfSocialScience's Twitter via Twitter Web Client

  • Members of the first working group meet to discuss the Campaign Pre-Election Report

A look at the working group that is steering our Pre-Election report